Finally Organized, Finally Free For The Office

Finally Organized, Finally Free For The Office

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Dear friend,

I’ve got to get organized!

When did you last utter these words? Was it when you
realized that the raging, paper beast had taken complete
control of your office?

Maybe it was when you were late for a staff meeting . . .
yet again.

Perhaps it was when you looked at all of the clutter on
your desk, computer center, bookcase, credenza and every
place else. You may have even contemplated tossing
everything out the window!

Was it when you desperately searched for that missing
client folder?

It could have been when you missed that important
appointment. Or when that deadline crept up on you.

Maye it was when you had to work late again.

Perhaps it was when you realized that you have enough
tasks on your To Do list to last the next ten years, and
you’ve given up on ever catching up with it all.

Or even worse, it may have happened when you found out you
had no time left for yourself, your family, your friends,
that needed vacation and basically everything in life that
you love to do.

Disorganization can actually trap you into living a life
filled with stress, frustration and chaos. It can rob you
of the precious time you should be spending enjoying your

By overcoming disorganization, you can be set free to live
the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

You deserve to be organized!

My husband, Joe, and I, run our own business. Believe me,
we have a long list of things that need to be done, reams
of paper and thousands of computer files. The phone rings
often and we generate an average of 200 email messages a
day–many of which require quick responses.

We have many goals to reach, and many deadlines to meet.
We have to attend meetings, do lots of online research
and handle administrative work.

We write–a lot. We write our our books and planners. We
write the copy for our newsletters, the copy and the code
for our web sites and articles for the media.

We regularly have to interact with book printers, editors,
vendors, customers and assistants.

We are interviewed by television stations, radio stations
and magazines daily for our advice.

However, besides running our business, while taking care
of our toddler daughter, we still have plenty of time for
our personal lives. We keep in contact with our family and
friends. We go out for romantic dinners. Vacations and
mini-vacations are taken often. Long nature walks, in
addition to healthy power walks, are a regular activity.
We go biking. We attend festivals. We often go to the park
just to feed the ducks on the spur of the moment.

In the office, we finish all of the projects we set out to
do. We not only meet, but actually ‘beat’ our deadlines.

We don’t have one sheet of paper in our To File tray.
Everything is in an organized filing system. We can find
any sheet of paper we need in seconds.

We don’t have clutter. We don’t have mail piled up. We’re
caught up with our email.

We never work late. We know how to avoid interruptions.

Our office is ready for unexpected guests at any time.
We’re not late for appointments. The bills are always paid

We’re productive, but our schedules are not packed. We
have plenty of time for rest and relaxation.

And . . . we have just as much time as you do–24 hours each day.

The only difference is that we’ve discovered some very
simple systems, techniques and secrets to help us stay
organized each day.

Being that I love to share, I’m going to disclose these
organizing secrets with you. Why? Because you deserve to
be organized, to be clutter-free, to be able to spend
your time doing the things you love to do — to be
finally organized, finally free!

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