How to start a business blog Socially

How to start a business blog Socially

How to start a business blog  is a question most people don’t ask before theystart blogging. Before starting your business blog ask yourself a few questions, like what is the purpose for your blog? How does it relate to your business purpose? What are the business objectives of the blog? Who are your ideal readers? Etc.

Because blog can be a relatively inexpensive, fast and easy way to build your online presence, it is an ideal way for people in general to establish their credibility and expertise. The fact is that blogs are obscenely easy to set up for businesses today, which will drive new, qualified traffic to your business.

With blogs you give your readers the opportunity to post comments allowing you to create a conversation with your prospects while building rapport and trust.

When you create meaningful and informative dialogue with your prospects, you are establishing your business credibility. You will be building your network, while increasing the visibility of your products and services in an informal way. Starting a small business blog includes harvesting long tail keywords from search traffic to drive more high-quality leads to your business. The business owner that is not already doing this should start blogging for their business.

How to start a business blog steps

The very nature of a blog lends itself to those busy business people who are focused on their business. Blogs are quick and easy to setup, run and maintain. You will be creating fresh content for your blog two to three times a week. Your blog posts needs to be useful and relevant to your prospects and loved by search engines. As a contrast to the more traditional website, a blog encourages your visitors to interact with you by commenting on your blog posts. Starting a small business blog will be an essential tool in any business marketing toolbox. When combined with a website, you will have all the tools you need to develop and run your business globally in the market place all online.

Following are five steps on how to start a successful business blog:
1) Choosing a blogging service that is right for you and this can take about 5 minutes.
2) Hosting your blog on your main site is often not recommended as your main site domain will not be getting any of the SEO benefits from your blog.
3) Consider who your ideal site visitors will be, what their problems are and how you can solve them.
4) Do a lot of brainstorming of relevant keywords that are related to your business. Concentrate on longer tail keyword phrases about 3-4 words long.
5) Writing your first educational blog post, but remember people don’t really cares about your business unless you can solve their problems.

The most important thing to remember here is that when blogging for business you need to do it regularly and over time this will generate new traffic to your business. If your blog is properly setup for lead generation, you will start to see new business fairly quickly.

Starting a business blog | Socially

How to start a business blog

There is no doubt that there is an art to blogging, but you’ve got a blank canvas until you get started. However, I know some people will say that they don’t have the technical know-how or the time for business blogging.

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