Google Local Plus Profile Picture Is BIGGER

Google Local Plus Profile Picture Is BIGGER

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Google Plus Local Logo

Google Local Plus Profile Picture

If you have a Google Places or Google Plus Local listing, then you may or may not have noticed that your profile picture has just got bigger!

You now have the opportunity to have a bigger picture to show off your business – a good thing.

The more space you have for an image, the more opportunities you have within this image to showcase your business to your potential customers.

This post briefly shows you what the new cover image looks like and how you can update it.


How Your Listing Will Look Without The Cover Image

Below is a screenshot for the Google Plus Local Page by default without a ‘Cover Image’; as you can see Google automatically inserts a map for your location with a pin showing where you are:

Before Cover Image Updated

Whilst this is OK, this does not really showcase your business in a way that you now have the opportunity to do.


So what do I have to do to get the large cover image?

Simply you will either have to amend your existing Google + Local business page, or if you do not have one you will need to create for yourself a Google Plus Local Business Page.


I do not have a Google Local Plus Business Listing – how do I create one?

The scope of this post is not to give detailed step by step instructions on how to set up a Google + Local business listing, though I will quickly summarise the steps you need to take below:

  1. Create a Google + Profile for yourself at
  2. Set Up your Google + Local Business Page at and enter the same information that you have on your Google Places listing.

Please note that you need to click “Verify Now” to verify this listing; Google will send you a postcard with a pin number to your address which you will have to input before the listing becomes live.


How do I change the cover image?

When you are in your business page simply click “Change Cover” and you have the opportunity to change your main picture and add a logo; see below:

After Cover Image Updated


Google Local Plus New Image Dimensions

Google are a pain as the image upload interface is ‘clunky’ and if you do not upload images with the right size ratio Google will crop certain parts of the image.



The minimum image dimension should be 250px, and I recommend you upload a square image.

You will note in the above example that the Corpus Fitness image is not square; all we did was upload an image with space above and below the logo to make sure the image was square (note the white space above and below should actually be transparent).

Corpus Logo


Cover Image

Please note the cover image size is 1000 Pixels wide x 570 Pixels high; to stop Google cropping any of your image it would be best to create your image cover in this size prior to uploading, then you are in full control.


You now have the change to create and upload a great bit of graphic design to your Google + Local Business Page to really show off your business.

It’s all relatively quick and easy to do, so why not just do it?


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