Package Three

Package Three

Business blogging what is it?

business blogging

Business blogging is perhaps the most important thing that you should be doing to market your business on the internet. Imagine with just one relevant post you will be able to show off your expertise in your industry, while answering questions that your customers are asking.

A blog post can also increase your search engine visibility because Google love blogs so it is great for SEO. However, to get the full benefits of business blogging you will need to be able to write quality and relevant blog posts.

When writing a blog post for business you should forget all about the essay writing that you did when you were at school. Writing in this manner with long boring paragraphs you will inevitably do one thing and that is lose your readers interest quickly. You should remember that you will only have a few seconds to capture your reader’s attention as it has been suggested that most people will only scan your content.

Business blogging guideline

The business bloggingare a few guidelines for effective business blogging to get the most out of the time you spend blogging. These guidelines needs to be planned out in advance and followed to the letter to create a successful blog for your business.

  1. You should get to the point quickly and be relevant to your customer’s needs
  2. You should select highly focused keywords and use section headings guide for your readers
  3. You should include a list in your blog posts as this helps your readers to your key points.
  4. By using bold and italics this adds emphasis and tells your readers what is most important.
  5. You should use relevant images to help break up your content as a picture is worth a thousand words even in business blogging.
  6. Extensive linking internally and externally cannot be stressed enough as it is highly effective.
  7. Although there is no hard and fast rules about the length of a blog posts, some suggest the more the better, at least 500 words.
  8. Stick to a plan of how often to post, remember blogging is more of a marathon than a 100 yard dash so try for two a week.
  9. Plan, plan, plan, you should plan out your blog posts before you write it as it will helps keep you focused.

You should remember that the internet is full of duplicate and low quality content, so you shouldn’t add to it when you are doing your business blogging. Both your readers and the search engines will reward a small business blog for your quality content.

Business blogging package three

business bloggingThis package is for the set up and installation of your word press blog for business blogging purposes. You will need to provide some basic information. The set up and installation should last one to two weeks depending on the complexities of your requirements.

You will get with this product up to 60 days free support valued at $500; you will also get a 30 day money back guarantee, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. The price for this incredible offer is only $195 for a limited time.

When you click the PURCHASE BUTTON below you will not be charged until the work is delivered. Please download and follow the instructions in the contract, sign and return it asap.

If you have a website it is not recommended that you add your blog to it, rather set up a separate blog. This is a more technical area and would require more time and a small additional fee of $50. However, if you have no website or want a separate blog for your business there is no extra charge as it would much easier to do and it is also recommended.

Here is to your successful business blogging venture.

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