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Package Two

A Small Business Blog

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A Small Business Blog
according to the popular theory is basically a web page that is made up of short updated posts that are arranged chronologically like in a journal. The holders of this theory also suggest that the term is really weblogs and that it was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997.

Weblogs took off around 1999 with the development of easy blogging software and other essential tools. Since then the number of blogs on the Internet has grown exponentially from a few hundred to over 100 million in the last decade.

Generally speaking blogs can fall into two simple categories, which are personal blogs that can be a combination of your personal diary, your opinions helpful posts or even your research links.

The other is business blogs that is often used as a business tool for communicating with visitors, customers or employees to share information and expertise. Business blogs are an excellent way to share your business expertise, products or services, while building additional traffic from the web and connecting with potential customers.

What Can Your Business Bring to a Small Business Blog?

business bloggingWith all the new blogging software on the market today it makes setting up and running a blog a breeze. You simply write your thoughts, write about your products or services, simply link to the resources and publish your blog, all by just pushing a few buttons.

The great advantage of blogging is that it a low-cost way of advertising and an alternative to having a big expensive website. A small business blog is ideally for small business owners who don’t the time to learn technical stuff or the budget to hire a designers and developers.

The fact is that blogging offers an inexpensive method of getting your business’s name out there on the big wide web. Another benefit is that with your business blog, updating your weblog is a much easier and quicker process than having to contact your web designer about changes or any problems with the coding.

Blogging is a powerful benefit for those businesses that regularly have new fresh content to share with customers. A successful business blog provides your small business with the opportunity to compete and to share your expertise and knowledge with the World.

A Small Business Blog | Package Two

business blogging

This is why we are offering this comprehensive video package that was designed to provide all the essentials that you need to become a successful small business blogger.

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To your success as a small business blog owner.

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